More sales, customer service, and insights

You are probably familiar with the current vending machines. The door of the locker (product) opens with a pin payment.  The vending machines of Appeltje Eitje Automaten B.V. (the Netherlands) go one step further. In combination with the ‘Easy Ordering’ kiosk and the unique Cloud platform, it is possible to control and monitor the machine remotely (real-time). This allows you to serve your customers even better, control your product inventory, and increase your sales.

Custom made

(un)Refrigerated or frozen, you can design your vending machine(s). 


Insight into current stock, status of sales and remote control/monitoring.

More sales

Create special offers for customers to get more sales. Using a QR-code is possible.

Refilling and replacing products via tablet

Locker box flashes when it opens

Contactless payment by phone or smartwatch

Special offers, product information and using QR codes are possible

Customize your vending machines

Every situation/business requires a tailor-made solution. Based on, among other things, the location and the product range (refrigerated/uncooled/frozen products), we like to think along with you about the type of vending machine with the following hardware components:

‘Easy Collect’ lockers and/or push machine (cooled or uncooled)

‘Easy Ordering’ kiosk with a (contactless) payment terminal

‘Easy Provisioning’ tablet for an efficient refill

Our Cloud platform is fast, scalable, reliable, and enables real-time control.